Sated at last, she rose from his bed.

Full to bursting in her scarlet wantonness, she begins her lazy saunter, still dripping his love from every crack, every crevice, across the night sky. She is clearly not herself tonight yet more herself than ever.  Tonight she is bathed in amber, swathed in saffron, ringed in rubies and bangles of gold. Her Siren’s song rides  the night winds, a mournful  call to sailors and sinners and virgins of the deep.

High overhead, she begins her descent, melting my walls, piercing my womb  – through opened curtains, she enters my room. I dare not breathe nor think nor move. Her first caresses envelop my toes, reaching past my calves to linger at my  knees. Her languid touch parting my thighs & flows over my mound, softly spreading herself across my belly. There she rests before  encircling my breasts, kissing  and rimming my tender tips. In golden light she  lingers  there… and lingers there till I am filled to overflowing. I take her in, deep within a lover’s prayer of union and forgiveness.

Seeing my body bathed in you steeped in you, draped and drowned and dripping in you, I become as ancient and timeless as the watery moon. In this ecstasy I surrender to sleep.

On rising, I step to the window as the  dawn sky  gives promise to another  spectacular  day and there you are my Lovely.  Invisible to all others but I see you watching me, waiting and wanting me….”my mistress of the night.” Soon….I breathe, soon.

…..”And the sky went wan, and the wind came cold
And the Sun rose dripping a bucket of gold”

Spring Again. How Lovely.