Wide hips,  and pillow soft lips,
Almond eyes… envelop me thighs
Nappy hair,  all pressed and curled
Fling yo weaves or twists and rolls

Her big ass hoops  jus swingin’ free
Church lady pearls…”lift my hands to thee”
Look at us, so black we blue
“How the hell she make that rue”?

Caramel cream… molasses glow.
Fiery cayenne… “Girl I don’t know”
Freckled  and dimpled, gap tooth and wide nose
Big feet, green eyes, “damn you got pretty toes!”

Greased up to shine and “Oooo you’re so soft”
Our skin is a wonder, you don’t know the true cost
Too brash too Loud too wide too  deep
Our shit ain’t got nothin’ to do with “beauty sleep”

Michelle and Miss O, Lupita  and Negga
Tracy Ross,  Miss  Monae, Mary J and Rihanna
Ava, and Shonda, Kerri, Fantasia
Lauryn Hill, Lady Ledisi, and the Lovely Lalah

We lack time and space enough to number
The sisters we know and love and remember
Our Beauty is ours and there is no one mold
Drop the Mike and weep, On Your Knees….Behold!!!!

I see you.
You  see me.
That’s it y’all. Time to be Bold…