When my daughter called me and said, “Mom, can you please find me a dress form? I want to design an outfit for Mother Teresa.” I thought, oh Lord. That makes absolutely no sense. I just happened to be at an antique mart where they had one (made biting my tongue a bit easier.) Even as she started the project, I tried to subtly intercede by directing her toward an idea that “made more sense.”

Rejecting all my subtle and not so subtle suggestions, I began to just watch where my daughter was going. When she asked for help, I did as I was bid. “Just help me glue, Mom, exactly where I tell you,” she scolded, as I again tried to add my two cents.

Well, THANK GOD, my child did not listen to me and my limited ideas of how best to represent Mother Teresa’s love in the world. My daughter received a special prize that was created just for this piece of art. In addition, a new 3D category has been created for next year’s competition because she completely thought outside the box! Go Sam!

I think it’s lovely. I love when I’m wrong!!