Thank you for all for your kind words of sympathy in the wake of my Aunt Pat’s passing. You have touched my heart.

Death is such an integral part of Life.

For me one of the gifts of motherhood is the absolute privilege of watching my daughter grow and change and develop. I find that so many things I took for granted I now know to be learned behavior. My daughter practiced for months how to hop. Whistling was a feat of sheer will and determination. Crawling, walking, talking, nose-blowing, eating with her hands, then a spoon, then a fork…we learn almost everything we eventually take for granted. We are granted Life, but we learn how to Live.

I now also know we must learn how to Die. Yes we will all die, that is inevitable, but how we enter into that realm is quite possibly a learned skill.

We are hopefully not often privy to this most remarkable of events, but given the opportunity, I invite us to pay attention. There is an Art to Dying, one that is directly related to the way we have Lived. Of that I am certain.

A Life of Lovely will most decidedly help to usher in Grace in Death. This is one of the reasons why I continually and consciously choose………LOVELY.

Thank you again….