I think God, in her infinite wisdom, looked upon us women and said, “Sweet Jesus!! How much crap are women expected to bear?! ” Let’s start with childbirth, periods, menopause and childcare. There’s bloat and yeast and lumps, and cramps, and who the hell invented waxing?!  We are doctors, nurses, chauffeurs, short order cooks, therapists, decorators, gardeners, housekeepers, accountants, tutors, personal shoppers and life coaches…..and this is only Monday. Listen, I love men. I really do and will devote many posts to my admiration of that very odd and opposite sex that I do not claim to understand, though deeply appreciate. But in the meantime, let’s face it…women make the world go round. We keep it going on every front. And more often than not, we rarely receive the recognition for our efforts. This is changing, but not fast enough!  Again, that’s another topic.


But, this is Valentine’s Day. Whether, you do have a sweetheart, or you don’t, ladies…….. We all have CHOCOLATE!!! I am a card carrying, die hard, deep into the dark, Chocoholic. I am a chocolate lover and I am raising a chocolate snob. My 11-year-old daughter and I are on a righteous quest for the finest, holy grail chocolate on the planet. This is not a joke. Wherever we go, we seek out and we sample, we document and compare…..chocolates. We have been known to discreetly bite and spit because the chocolate wannabe in our mouths was not worth consuming. We are serious about our chocolate. I will devote many a post to this subject, keeping you updated with our finds, but below are just a few of our personal favorites.

It’s Valentine’s Day my Lovely sisters!!!!    Please don’t waste your time or your fat cells on bad chocolate. Treat yourself to some good chocolate…the darker the better. And please don’t wait to be given good chocolate. Access your release button and download your own dopamine! Take responsibility for your own pleasure centers ladies. It’s the first step in teaching others how to pleasure you. Start with good chocolate!