Teach Your Children To Pick Wildflowers.

One of the sweetest moments of motherhood  is receiving a flower from my daughter. She finds them everywhere, offering to fill her special tiny vases  scattered throughout the house. For dinner she is often in charge of the table arrangement.

My daughter comes by this gifting naturally as I often give her flowers or leave a fresh vase of something lovely next to her bed, or in her lunchbox, or in her hair…just because. It is one of the simplest ways to connect ourselves and our children to nature. Nature is the most grounding, stabilizing force on the planet. It centers us and our children. Raising a child in this tech savvy world, I am always in search of ways to reconnect her to her center. Observing how the bloom changes reflect the seasonal changes on your familiar drive back and forth to school, is a lovely way to get her head out of a screen and gazing out the window. Gazing out the window leads to daydreaming, and daydreaming plants the seeds for magnificent possibilities she will one day birth.

We’re especially blessed this spring in California with all the rain of the past few months. The hills are rich and green and just straight up “showin’ out”. We have been marveling at it all.

There is a wonderful Chinese saying which goes….

“If you have only two pennies left, buy rice with one and flowers with the other.”

This little axiom has served me faithfully and well especially in the midst of life’s inevitable challenges. I offer it to you and your children.


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