Thank You

Thank you for all for your kind words of sympathy in the wake of my Aunt Pat’s passing. You have touched my heart.

Death is such an integral part of Life.

For me one of the gifts of motherhood is the absolute privilege of watching my daughter grow and change and develop. I find that so many things I took for granted I now know to be learned behavior. My daughter practiced for months how to hop. Whistling was a feat of sheer will and determination. Crawling, walking, talking, nose-blowing, eating with her hands, then a spoon, then a fork…we learn almost everything we eventually take for granted. We are granted Life, but we learn how to Live.

I now also know we must learn how to Die. Yes we will all die, that is inevitable, but how we enter into that realm is quite possibly a learned skill.

We are hopefully not often privy to this most remarkable of events, but given the opportunity, I invite us to pay attention. There is an Art to Dying, one that is directly related to the way we have Lived. Of that I am certain.

A Life of Lovely will most decidedly help to usher in Grace in Death. This is one of the reasons why I continually and consciously choose………LOVELY.

Thank you again….


  1. Miss Toussaint,

    I must say I love the lovely picture that you have attached to this blog! The lighting of the sky is very touching as it works so well with the words you have spoken. It is almost like God himself is shining light upon you!! WOW!! Your eyes has been able to behold the gracious and lovely light that he has set before you! The lighting is not too bright nor too dim it is just right for RIGHT NOW. I use to hate to think about death but I do know we all must go one day! I too have a daughter that I have loved to watch grow and I pray that I get to see her become a very successful young woman. I love the point about us being granted life!! That is so true!! I have learned never to take anything for granted. Just the mere fact that it all could be taken away in the blinking of an eye lets me know to live in the NOW! Continue to share your lovely! I hope you have a lovely day! God Bless You! Keep being true to yourself! Much LOVE!

  2. No… Thank YOU for sharing the most intimate and unapologetic parts of your life. You’re extremely open and I, myself appreciate you sharing your life. God Bless

  3. “Yes we will all die, that is inevitable, but how we enter into that realm is quite possibly a learned skill.” wow. that is soooooooo true lorraine,
    last year, almost when you and i first met on the set , i had just lost my son . and a. few years before that, my mother…. to put it as mildly as mildly can ever be put, yes, it is a learned skill, but who is there to teach it to us ?… how do we come by this knowledge ? , where is it written? , and even if we find the written words , how dp we follow such “simple” meaningless (to us who mourn) , phases ?
    how do we go on accepting or feeling that the child we brought into the world left this world long before we did?
    as they say ” a parent is not suppose to bury their children”. well…. sad to say, quite often they have to,… so….
    i also lost my aunt many many many years ago , she was my favorite person, my mothers very close sister …she had many many children, 14, but hahahhahha she loved me best . she took me to church every sunday , not her kids , just me and her. she bragged to everyone who would listen about my singing in her church choir. and then on our way back to her large brood and the biggest sunday dinner ever, we’d stop for a scoop of ice cream in an old fashioned ice cream parlor . the kind you see in old movies that dont exit any longer
    when she died, strangely, it was sadly ok, because i often imagined her looking out for me , i always sensed her standing there, just over my shoulder like a guardian angel, i felt safe in her passing, as if i had a new spiritual protector, and a connection to that other world we would all too soon enter..
    when my mother died , i was lost,
    when my son died, i was not only lost but frozen in an automated state of this “learned skill” you spoke of
    on the outside people said to me “wow how can you be so cheerful?, how can you function ? how do you even get up in the morning?
    i just smiled and said stupid things like “what else can i do ?” or. ” i just remember the good times we shared”..blah blah leave-me -alone- comments -blah…,
    i just wanted to hurry and get through the day and crawl , smile plastered on my face , back to my private world on the sea and collaspe.
    time goes on , but nothing inside changes….the pain stays right where it always was, we just learn to change our positions so that the pain moves to a better spot, for the moment , but as you said ‘the entering into that realm is a learned skill ‘, albeit a realm which none of us really know nothing about …
    i loved your blog !!!! it made me think

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