Rocket Showers….

But I cannot hold my breath forever, I must release this already-gone moment before I pass with it unto the retreating void.  Instead I witness the passing, this brief inevitable dissolution of beauty that I cannot hold. The flower wilts losing it’s shape, a drooping smiley face desperately lingering in the glow of my admiration. Now the stars sputter, and fall, fast fading into the void which only a moment ago held such promise of permanence. “Was that the last one? Oh no, is it over? Nope!!! Here comes another one”!!  And that one is so different, more beautiful than the last.  And then it too cycles through it’s brief life, filling me with wonder and wanting and life.

Parked on a hillside not far from our house, my daughter climbs through the open sunroof, where she sits perched on high, as the barge below on the darkened sea releases rocket showers of fiery joy. Inside the car, holding Mr T’s hand, I send up a silent prayer of thanksgiving for my little family and  this perfect moment of bliss.

…..Lovely is  …..EVERYWHERE.

  1. Hi Lorraine
    I wanted to write you something because I’ve spent the last few weeks hating you! As Vee in the second series of orange etc!
    So I wanted to congratulate and thank you for your portrayal of this character and honour your acting abilities.
    And from your blog I see you are a super kind lady and very mindful.
    You had me convinced though!! Great work!
    Also I see you are only a year younger than me but you look amazing! I’m a gardener and I work outside all year round! (Haha that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it)
    Thank you again .
    Very best wishes from SW France.
    Kate Hatcher

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