Promises, Promises

A new year begins today. And though I categorically do not believe in time, this day does predicate one of the more useful human markers in the eternal tick-tock, tick-tock Metronome of existence. Happy New Year!

This day also marks and symbolizes new beginnings, which I firmly believe in. The ability to start anew is one of the gifts that we are given. We get to change our minds, change our rhythms, change our hearts, and change our bodies.

20151123-IMG_5319Quite unusual for me, I spent New Year’s Eve outside of my home. My guy, whom we shall call, Mr. T, loves him some Gladys Knight. So, there I sat in the most glorious musical halls on the planet, Disney Hall, listening to the blazingly soulful Gladys Knight croon some sweet oldies and some unexpectedly romantic ballads like ‘Memories’ and ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ and as the bells tolled midnight, ‘Old Lang Zion’ which always brings tears to my eyes. As I held my sweetheart’s hand, aware of the tenderness of the moment, suspended in the timeless bubble of magic, in the minutes just before midnight, Gladys launched into Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ song, as the countdown, “7-6-5-4-3-2-1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!” was proclaimed. Amidst the sirens and cheers, silver confetti raining from the rafters, Mr. T leaned into me, gently tickling Happy New Year onto my lips. My smile absorbed into our kiss… and in that kiss, the promise of the year to come. The iconic, Dionne Warwick, who will forever be the keeper of Burt Bacharach’s ‘Promises Promises,’ sat next to me, beaming at her sister-friend, who at 76, owned the stage like the megastar she is.

And so, what promises do I make to myself this year? I think it will be an ongoing process this year. But for now, here are a couple resolutions.

  1. No carbs for 30 days
  2. Aerobic walks 4 times per week
  3. I will launch my website on January 12

Good Luck Miss Toussaint.

Promises, Promises.


  1. You did it! Your website is launched, good deal. Now, how did you do with no carbs for 30 days? Wow! I may need to strive for this. BTW, I know you’re an actress, but you are also so down to earth and humble. I will subscribe. 🙂

    1. Hi Lavonne,

      Thank you for subscribing to my site. Your feedback is much appreciated. So far I am gluten free which is the source of all my “bad” carbs. And I just got back from a hike. So… far so good. Not perfect record, but holding the line. Thanks for asking. Good grief…it’s tough, but getting easier.
      Talk soon. Lorraine

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