Moon Walk

The full moon on Friday was glorious!  Big and round and full to bursting, flaunting her shameless crimson orb, she dripped and dropped her moist dew over everything, so that when I finally rose from earth to take my leave of her… I was wet. But I digress….

Taking advantage of the cleansing, clearing energy a full moon brings, I joined several pilgrims for a moon hike. After getting horribly  lost on my way  to the meeting place at the summit we began our hike up the steep paths of the Topanga mountains.  Their quiet murmurs the base notes to a Robin’s trill, joining now the syncopated chorus of sundown crickets. With each step aided by the measured tap…tap…tap of my walking stick,  I cast my mind adrift in search of it’s much needed solitude. I am a shameless lover of the wild ready to shed the  casements of my mind,  to run naked into the arms of my beloved and lose myself beneath this crimson moon.

My heavy backpack filled with snacks, water, blankets, sweaters makes me stop to strip off my top layer. After about an hour’s climb we reached the plateau where  the altar has already been laid. The early arrivals are laying down their offerings of fruit or nuts or flowers. A simple gesture of  gratitude  to she who rules the tides.  We begin by bowing to the four directions in prayer and recognition, anchoring our purpose and intentions for this evening’s sojourn.

Soon thereafter  following our lovely Australian guide to the mouth of the labyrinth, an ancient symbol of birth and rebirth, release and transformation, I bowed in reverence before entering the maze.  Just then, the moon begins her rise. With each step I release the fears which brought me here. With each step, I offer up my worry and anxiety about the  non existent life to come. As the labyrinth’s path narrowed to reveal its sacred center, I bowed to the God of my heart in prayer, and wonder, and gratitude.

As the old people say “I laid my burdens down” at the alter, then  slowly turned and began my walk out. With each step, each revolution of that sacred circle, I felt lighter and freer and better. Just better. . Raising my arms in gratitude, the moon so bright I could read a book,  I am clear and clean and ready.

Later we all sat together and talked, and listened and laughed, the intimacy of the evening having forged an effortless ease.. But my attention kept being pulled by the baying of the hounds. Coyotes howling. Finally as we began our slow descent, I lifted my head, opened my mouth and joining my coyote brothers, I howled at that blood red moon.


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