1. I am a carpenter and electrician. While at home depot one day buying construction materials I saw these bamboo plants and bought one. I have gotten to love that little bamboo plant. I dont know much about how to care for plants or flowers like you and being your an expert could you tell me how to both keep it really healthy, transplant it into a bigger decorative container, what kind of dirt, drainage, furtilizer, and how to split it off to create a new plant.Its funny how peaceful and calming it is to take care of it.lol If you need any advice on how to fix something in your new home please ask.Ive been a carpenter for over 30 years.God bless you and your daughter. SHALOM Deborah Carter

  2. ‘Flowers and tea..what would I do without them?’ Even then,they are the smell and taste of lovely! Simple life pleasures that make up lovely 😙

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