WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!     Sweet Jesus! Look what we have Spawned!!!!!  The PEOPLE have Spoken….and We are the People!!!!!!!!!!!

How the hell did we get to this place??!!! Who are we as a people, as a nation, as individuals that we have bowel birthed this maniacal, racist, sexist,  hate filled, narcissistic, bullying human to speak for us, to stand of us, to lead us. How asleep have we been!?!?!!

Listen…I want to weep, and scream and hit something and then go permanently fetal! I want to flip this channel, or slap myself out of this dream, because my own covers are strangling me to death. I really want  to indulge this sophomoric sadness that broadcasts the world that “ooooo… I am a caring  person” so lets hug and kum-bah-yah  the days away.” But…guess what???  I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME!!!!  The Shadow Eaters are long on the field –  and they are on the move.

Last night We the People chose Donald Trump. In that choosing we handed this hate filled, sexist, racist, narcissistic, mentally unbalanced, bottom feeding ignoramus  a sharpened scalpel, along with the green light to lance the bloated festering boil at the heart of our Nation.  The  puss and blood of misogyny and lynchings and avarice and brutality, the feted rot of hopelessness and hunger and abuse and neglect-the stench of intentional environmental genocide, from poisoned waters and air and earth killing  our children slowly and painfully, the oozing abscess of neglect and abuse and brutality erupting in Flint and Baltimore and face down on a New York pavement gasping “I can’t breathe” – We see this shit dribbling out of the wound, we smell the stink that is now part and parcel of the body politic and what do we do?  We gag, mutter “isn’t that awful” then change the damn channel.  Because until now, we had that choice. Well those days are done!  Last night the winning chant was “WE WANT A CHANGE…We Want Change”!!!!!!!!! Well be careful what you ask for….. because Change we shall have.

I have always said that the ONLY way this Nation will truly  heal is by lancing the wound that is killing us,  allowing the putridness to explode and drain, then clean it, and bare the tender living flesh it to the Light.  That process has begun. Last night we handed The Donald the scalpel and said “cut”!!!!!  And he will cut ….deep.

I have also known that the darkest moment is always just before the Dawn. I woke up in the dark this morning crystal clear, that this is a call to Spiritual Warriors. All Bearers of Light who have made Spiritual Appointment to be here at this time in history must now Stand and Pray and Fight. This is no time snooze,  no time to lament the outcome of this election. The Forces of Darkness are gathering and the real CHOICE has to be made. Will I be part of the gathering Spiritual Movement across this planet, already in place to help usher in this New World or will I go the fuck back to sleep while the Antichrist slithers toward Bethlehem? It is time to WAKE UP!  The dark fears only one thing……the LIGHT.img_6474

This is where Lovely may not necessarily look lovely. SEEK it out. It is always present!   Lean into each other’s Lovely.

Love and Light in the times ahead.


  1. I have been waiting to hear (or read, as the case may be) your thoughts on this. I spent a couple of days stunned, saddened and sitting in the dark. Now, I’m back up and at ’em, knowing that there is no more “business as usual”, but ready to continue the fight against the blatant bigotry that has been encouraged, accepted and normalized by this election cycle and its results. Tens of millions of people are okay with the message of hate and that is not okay. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Love and Light to you as well.

  2. I, too, anxiously waited to read your thoughts. I read them last week but I just didn’t have the words to respond. I was, still am, just shocked and pissed at this country as well as many “friends.” “Friends” actually defend that vile man! People are actually trying to justify not voting!! It’s so sickening to me. As an American i’m so freaking ashamed of us, as a woman i’m hurt and in ways sad, as an African-American…. i’ve yet to find the words Ms. Lorraine!! You know, on Sunday preachers all over the country and folks all over social media talked about God reigning no matter who is in the White House and to be calm and not worry because He reigns. I love the Lord just as much as the next person, but we can not just sit back and be calm!! The Civil Rights movement was led by preachers and even they knew that you pray AND you march!! I’ve spent the past week in some type mourning it seems. But that is over!! It’s time to get up and do something, be heard, fight back! We must do better, I must do more! #StayWoke

  3. All of us are sick. It is just just unreal that Trump and his band of merry criminals are now in the oval office and not in prison. Bannon will be a co president with Trump. Bannon has been working this angle for months. Trump a swindler, lier. con artist, racist etc and not that bright. Bannon on the other hand a far worse guy, not as stupid as Trump and master manipulator.We are in for a nasty ride folks. Trump will destroy our economy,foreign policy,get us into wars, destroy jobs, civil rights, women and just about everything else. THERE IS AN ANSWER The southern poverty law center went after the KKK not just criminally but they came up with a plan to go after their money and property that they owned in court and it worked. They lost it all. And that practice is still being used by the center I believe. We need to stop staying in his hotels,using his golf courses, tell all businesses that pay to put his name on their buildings etc that if they dont take his name off that we will no longer do business with them and ALL of his other holdings that are many, and dont apply for jobs with him. That company means everything to him.He will go broke.He will not want to stay as president under those circumstances. It will take alot of work to do this but it will work. DESTROY HIS BUSINESSES YOU WILL BREAK TRUMP.

  4. I know it is disheartening to have someone like trump in office, but I choose not to allow fear to take up residence in my heart. I truly believe he is a reflection of America’s heart right now. People are coming out with their true motives and intentions. I choose to continue to have faith that love conquers hate.

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