Breathing Sacks

Since my daughter was an infant, whenever she got a cold and had trouble breathing, this is the breathing sack I made for her. I have since made this sack for many babies with colds.

3 drops Eucalyptus oilBreathing Sacks

3 drops Peppermint oil

1 drop Lavender oil

Squeeze drops on cotton ball. Place cotton ball in sack. Safety pin at neckline of sleepwear.

(You can also toss these drops against the shower wall before bathing. Allow the aromas to infuse with the steam.)


I continue this routine, even today. My daughter does not care for the smell, so I pin it when she falls asleep.

  1. This brings me back to my childhood. My Trinidadian mom would put camphor in a sack and pin it to our pajamas. At the time, my brother and I would run, thinking it had something to do with witchcraft … how foolish we were. Thank you for the memories.

    Dianne (Kennan’s mom)

    1. Hey Dianne,
      I too was raised with a little camphor sack pinned to my PJ’s. I have switched to essential oils because of the dangers associated with camphor and children. It is poisonous to children. But here we are. Live and learn…:) Stay in touch

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